For the Department of Industrial Design of Hamburg University I created a fictive maglev train. In the dark Steampunk setting I had in mind the train should feel like the newest technological achievement and must impress with a lot of possible thought out functionality.


After the saurian clans mysteriously united all the eastern countries got overrun in two years. Only China and Japan united under great efforts and still stand behind the magic shield wall.
All the oceans are full with saurian troops so maritime traffic broke down worldwide. The only passage to the West European kingdoms is the magically protected Trans-Siberian maglev route.


The rails are placed on high beams which are placed in rocky hard to reach terrain .
The Maglev is three stories high and carries around ten Wagons.
In the front you have a huge air turbine to get the big floating maglev up to enormous speeds. Around the huge turbine you have segments of a telescopic arm that can expand out 1,75 kilometres in front of the train. At the front of this arm is a small pulpit for a scout who monitors if the track ahead got damaged by the saurian clans. The further forward the telescopic arm is the higher smokestacks in the back of the maglev blow out the air from the front turbine to counterbalance.
I also put some form finding sketches in to show how I ended up with the overall shape.

The scout suits are ruff sketches, and would be fun to do when I find the time.
If I find the time to model this project out has to be seen.