Learning to draw helped me to get complex ideas out fast. Organic shapes and anatomy I always learn for more believable character designs.


The ocean ground scene I did after visiting a saltwater aquarium.


A sweet looking lvl 2 Mob for a MOBA concept I created called Animalmen. It is placed in an old rotten wood in a dark deeper area of the map. If you kill the millipede you get 1000 poisoned claws that can get thrown a hundred at the time to poison opponents.

Bisonman & Pocahontas

One of the heroes you can play in my dark MOBA concept Animalmen is the Bisonman – Barrel. Barrel can throw an axe, has the passive to see footprints of opponents and his Ulti is to cry for Pocahontas. Barrel loves Pocahontas deeply but she loves John Smith. So when she gets called she damages all opponents hard with her bone knife but stuns Barrel after that because he cries when she leaves him.

Awoken woman

This anatomic study I made to practice drawing the female body.