To learn how to organise work intensive photo real VR projects for multiple people in UE4 I created this 4 people project and tested out all the different tasks simultaneously.


A big modern house that looks smaller than it is should be placed in a valley over the city.
In the top front area of the building a design office for 18 people with separate access should be integrated.
An outside areal of around one square kilometre should be explorable freely.


To let the building look smaller huge baloneys and story high windows let the facade optically shrink.
Big red tatajuba beams in the third floor create a row earty wind shield for the chilling area of the office behind.
The tatajuba bean turn downwards and cover the staircase behind.


In the middle of the front you find the huge main entrance to the family part. Outside left the stairs up to the working area. At the Front right you have a big family kitchen with a small toilet behind and a big dining room in the right back corner after that.
Front left behind the outer staircase is the huge family bathroom after which the living room with the big terrace in front is placed.

1th floor

Two children’s room with big baloneys in the front, on the right behind a big bathroom with washing machine. In the back right corner another children’s room.
The inner staircase is trough the left side. Left of it outside on top of the 1 floor the big family balcony with pool is placed.

2th floor

The Office in the third floor has a half open chill area right behind the tatajuba beans which leads to the staircase on the left side. The office has its own bathroom behind the 18 employee room to separate private and work area. Also a guest room sits in-between the work and private area so it can be used for employees burning the midnight oil as well as private guests. Beside the guest room is the master bedroom and behind that in the right back corner the butlers room.


Left of the building you find the parking area. An underground car park under the house has an entry which leads up to the parking area.