After it became obvious that the Cybran had won the information war the UEF was forced to take huge efforts to keep up again.


Megacities where built to operate gigantic data centres underneath.
Decryption blocks 010 are four huge 2 square mile data centres dedicated to decrypt Seraphim subspace transmissions.

Game design

This design is planed as a 4 player air map for the community driven RTS classic Supreme Commander – Forged Alliance Forever.
Each player starts above one of the four decryption blocks.
Two geothermal spots on every start location for power gain make early air production possible.
In the middle of the map is a big subspace satellite dish tower with six mass points. The purpose is to give the player who won the map a mass lead, so he can overcome the otherwise easy defendable starting point of his opponent in a quick manner.


A version with water in the middle is also possible. Therefor I redesigned the ARM Battleship for Sup Com.
And a hord mode version with attacking Seraphin laser drones from both sides of the middle skyway. Only good airplay can win this challenge.


The groundwork of this map is done. Also a 8 Player Version with the surrounding city is 70% done. This is a low priority project for me because I have no time to play FAF.