I wasn’t able to find easy to control but interesting games for my then three year old son. So we make our own in UE4 now.

Look and Feel

My son wanted to be able to jump very high. The game should feel challenging but not frightening so to have lifes and dying as failure states in the game was unacceptable for my son.
Also more then tree buttons wouldn’t work we found out.

Game Design

We started a 2D platformer, with different behaving platforms.
Over the duration of the game you have to jump up the platforms to reach the top of the two towers. Of a castle.
Every level starts between the two towers at a bridge at the bottom and ends in the top on a balcony under a higher bridge. When you miss a platform you just drift down on the bottom bridge and start again. If you just walk trough the gate at the end of the bottom bridge, you skip the level. If you walk trough the door behind you at the bottom bridge you are back in the last level for example to improve.


The Magic Double tower palace of the huge toad king is constantly under attack by flying magic knights.
To protect the palace very gracile young toad the so called jumper have to jump up the palace every morning to fill up the magic protection runes with powerful oils.
You are such a young jumper.


Only a test segment of the first level is ready at the moment. If this project gets moved forward is decided by my son.