In the rainy volcanic valley scientists and wanderers will find the Inner Camp right above a river turn near the main route leading up the ruff mountains.


The Inner Camp is inspired by a cave and living like our ancestors. Except for sanitary rooms everything is placed in one big warm lit room.
The Camp is a place wanderers, volcanologists and others will find some company, warmth and a place to sleep comfy.


Along the back windowed wall is the sleeping area. Facing the river you get a nice light situation because of the sky reflection on the water that falls on the ceiling above the beds.
There are 4 bunk beds for overall 16 visitors. You can comfortable sleep in the straw beds with your sleeping bag.


16 heated lockers dry everything in 6 hours or less you put inside like shoes, jackets and backpacks. The lockers ventilate the wet warm air out trough a vent in the back wall


The big tree bole table in the centre of the cave is lit by warm yellow clay lamps and has 16 chairs.
A lot of interesting conversations till deep in the night are possible, because the sleeping area is in the back of the cave.

Shower and Sanitary

The sanitary area is separated by a wall of glass-stems. The floor is heated and the wet air behind the glass wall gets ventilated out of the roof so the towels along the glass wall dry very quick.

Maintenance and Supply

The far out location is cut from the official structure of supply.
Solar panels on the large roof power a big battery for lights and warm water. Heating is done via a geothermal passive system.
Water comes filtered from the river and gets cleaned in a septic tank under the left side of the building.
The whole complex is laid out for low maintenance.


In front of the cave you can sit under the porch save from rain. A 4 meter high rock gets lit so wanderers arriving late can still find the place.


Blockout is done and the modelling phase has begun.